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Inter-Generational Creative Artist Institute of Connecticut

Background of Neighborhood Artist, Inc.

Neighborhood Artists, Inc. (NAI), A Place to Lay Their Heads began its mission in 1986. NAI is a 501 ( c) (3) organization and our mission is to develop permanent housing, and supportive and educational services for artists, youth and the indigent (homeless families) using creative arts as an educational tool, providing nurturing learning environments where creative arts is the underpinning of the learning experience.

NAI has co-developed 20 units of permanent housing, serving over 50 adults and children with activities ranging from resident self-sufficiency services to creative arts workshops. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Mr. Levern Williams, NAI has held contracts with NYC Housing Authority to design and teach creative arts in public housing and senior citizen community centers, ranging from small group settings of 15-25 to larger performance settings of 500 or more.

Our alternative education through the arts programming has reached thousands of public housing residents, elementary and middle school students, from Mount Vernon to Harlem and Brooklyn, NY in both in-school and after-school settings. The Neighborhood Artists’ team has created several dynamic curricular and programming activities including, but not limited to: “Ten Years From Now”, “Health Literacy Through the Arts”, “Intergenerational Creative Arts for Seniors and Youth” and “The Internet Radio & Community Service Project” (Inter-generational).

Expanding our activities through Creative Arts Education

In collaboration with other faith and community based organizations, NAI will expand our efforts through developing The Intergenerational Creative Artist Institute of Connecticut,  providing creative arts programming and performance opportunities for residents of Connecticut in collaboration with The Cherry Street Lofts Community, F.R.E.E.D.O.M. and supporting and participating School Districts, Non-profits, community and faith-based organizations. Our programming activities will take place in both school and in community settings, depending on the audience, number of participants and the scale and scope of the activities.

Afterschool Program – “10 Years From Now”

The I.C.A.I. After-School Program has been established for the purpose of creating high-quality after-school programs outside of regular school hours, providing activities for 90-100 JHS/HS students. The groups will meet, on designated days and times, in a school/community facility setting.

In addition to the accepted program plan, participants will use workshop time developing a performance piece or pieces utilizing the theme “10 Years From Now”, that will be performed by the students at the end of the semester and/or school year. The performances are the culminating activities where by the newly acquired/honed skills will be on display as further encouragement for time well spent during program participant’s workshop experience. 

“10 Years From Now” Program Goals:

  • To provide an alternative means of education through the arts.
  • To promote diversity through multicultural activities that study the history and origins of different racial, ethnic and cultural  groups
  • To provide parents and students support and services through programs that address various risk factors such as drop-out, teenage pregnancy, bullying and youth violence.