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Shiloh in Community

SHILOH in Collaboration with FREEDOM

  • THE COMMUNITY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ENGAGEMENT COLLABORATION PROGRAM brings together leaders from Federal, State and Local Community Organizations, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies for the purpose of developing more effective communication and interaction vehicles for the purpose of bettering relationships and creating stronger collaborative approaches to problem solving and crisis prevention and intervention. Read More Here

  • EDUCATION EMPOWERMENT & ADVOCACY PROGRAMS  are events designed to intentionally address systemic shortcomings in educational development and delivery systems. Through selected programs and events designed to engage, empower and educate Students, Parents, Educators and Legislators these programs improve the quality, effectiveness and impact of Education delivery, in Connecticut communities, regionally and nationally.  Read More Here

  • THE INTER-GENERATIONAL CREATIVE ARTS INSTITUTE OF CT provides creative arts programming and performance opportunities for students and  residents of Connecticut and is a collaborative effort between Shiloh Church BPT, FREEDOM, Cherry Street Lofts and supporting Non-profits, community and faith-based organizations, school districts and schools which provides creative arts programming and performance opportunities for students and  residents of Connecticut. The I.C.A.I. After-School Program has been established for the purpose of creating high-quality after-school programs outside of regular school hours, providing activities for JHS/HS students.  Read More Here

Economic Development

  • The SHILOH-BETHEL COMPLEX is a mixed-use apartment development consisting of 66 units encompassing four floors over a podium level. The building foot print area is approximately 16,500 square feet. There are 15 studio units, 25 one bedroom units and 20 two bedroom units. Each unit contains an exterior balcony. The ground floor is home to 6 live/work units, and features approximately 4,000 square feet of commercial / retail and 1,200 square feet of conference/office space. There is ground level parking garage with 30 parking spots. There is also space for bicycle parking or storage.  Each unit contains a kitchen, living room bedrooms with closets, dining area, bath rooms, space for a washer/dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, range, coat closet. The two bedroom units contain one and one half baths. Read More Here

  • MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. CORRIDORS INITIATIVE is a response to adverse conditions in neighborhoods in Connecticut containing Streets named after Dr. King. The initiative develops an effective and achievable redevelopment plan through an intentionally inclusive and comprehensive planning process with primary focus on Economic Development, Education, Housing and Workforce Development.  The MLK Corridors Initiative is led by FREEDOM, in collaboration with multiple State Agencies, Non-Profit Corporations, Financial Institutions and the Governor of CT.  Read More Here.

Training and Education

  • FAITH AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRAINING INITIATIVE Equips Faith and Community Based Organizations to successfully develop owned and acquired property. Houses of Worship, Faith-Based Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and community based non-profit organizations have made incredible strides in improving America’s communities. Their developing expertise and experience has made them viable and trusted intermediaries in working with financial institutions. Many of these organizations own undeveloped land that has lain fallow in locations that are ripe for meaningful housing and other viable development. SHILOH/FREEDOM currently provide guidance through comprehensive analysis, training, technical assistance and capacity building.  This Initiative links participating partners with corporations, governmental agencies, non-profit and faith-based organizations to increase capacity in developing real property to support affordable, mixed income and mixed use development. Training Partners include: CT Housing Finance Authority, CT Department of Housing, Enterprise Partnership Foundation, Local Initiative Support Corporation, Federal Home Loan Bank SF/BOS, CT Department of Banking and others. Read More Here

Community News

Citizen Advisory Committee – FEIS now available for review

The Connecticut Department of Housing (CTDOH) announces the release of the Resilient Bridgeport Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).

The FEIS provides a detailed project description and describes environmental impacts associated with the Proposed Action as well as a No Action Alternative. The Proposed Action consists of three project components:

  1.  The Rebuild By Design (RBD) Pilot Project at Marina Village public housing site.
  2. A Flood Risk Reduction Project on the east side of the South End that combines storm-water improvements with a coastal flood defense system.
  3. A Resilience Center within the Freeman House complex and a pocket park at the entrance of Seaside Park.
The intended combined effect of these three projects is to create flood resiliency within the study area for its various stakeholders, including residents and businesses, during typical rain events as well as more intense storm events, improving overall health and safety for the area. Read More Here

Bridgeport waterfront planning

The trust of the Public Land, Local Stakeholders, and the City of Bridgeport are working together to reimage the waterfront  and open it up to the people for Bridgeport. Community activist Ernie said “Bridgeport has some of the greatest waterfront property between New York and Boston. It is the most underutilized, probably in the country. This will be the first time in 30 years that we will have an opportunity to really enjoy the waterfront, and I’m excited about it.” 

The waterfront pathway will run through nine of Bridgeport’s thirteen neighborhoods, allowing visitors to explore much of the city and ponder its storied cultural and industrial history along the way.

Everyone deserves outdoor experiences, and this pathway will open up miles of new, close-to-home recreation opportunities. A survey by the Center for Active Design suggests that living within a 10-minute walk of a park delivers significant social benefits and is associated with higher levels of civic trust, appreciation, and stewardship. Civic leaders know that accessible green space is key to enhancing quality of life, keeping people healthy, and attracting and retaining businesses and residents. Read More Here